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Why Preliminary Designing Is Important in Leatherwork

Preliminary design reflect to the designs that are made prior to the production of the real product in Leatherwork. They are usually in the form of sketches carried out on paper. Preliminary designing is of immunity importance in the field of Leatherwork production.

• It offers opportunity for selecting from a series of designs-

Preliminary designing helps the leather artist to have a wide range of designs to choose from for the designing of leather articles. This helps him to make a better choice of design for his products because he is not handicapped as far as design selection is concerned.

• It results waste of materials-

It asserts the leather craftsman to envision how a finished product would look like. This enables him to use his raw materials judiciously, avoiding unnecessary waste. He cuts his materials with accuracy and precision because he had planned the cutting of each part of the leather product.

• Gives the chance to have the end products in view-

Preliminary designing helps the leather craftsman to see how the finished product will look like even before its execution. This helps him to make the necessary corrections and additions required before the final work is made. Usually, the client is made to see how the design will look like when it is finally produced with the actual materials. Therefore, the questions of the client are factored before the product's actual execution.

• It offers the opportunity to plan and prepare adequately-

It affords the leather craftsman the opportunity to plan and prepare the design for its products very well. This makes its products of a high quality since it has been well planned before its execution.

• It offers the chance to work accurately and with precision-

Preliminary designing ensures that mistakes in the working of the final product are avoided or minimized. This is due to the fact that the precise sizes and shapes of the articles have been already determined. Thus, articles are cut with precision and accuracy.

• It serves as a guide-

The preliminary design serves as a guide for the leather craftsman in the manufacture of his articles. Since he has a guide, he works at an extremely fast rate. The guide enables him to work systematically to achieve his set goals.

Preliminary designing should be very important to every leather craftsman because it impacts positively on the total outlook of his / her productions, attracting large market share for his / her enterprise.

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